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Turin manteins its original tram network which opened in 1871 (first Italian horse tram) and it was electrified in 1898.
During years '80s new LRT/rapid tram lines had to be added, but just one (Line 3) was actually completed in 1987, connecting Vallette to Largo Tortona; two years later (1989) it was extended up to Hermada terminus (crossing river Po').
A new tram line was added in 1990 (just before 1990 FIFA World Cup); Line 9 connects Torino Esposizioni to Stampalia, serving the law court offices and some Universtity faculties. A specific branch (called "Line 9/") occasionally serves Juventus Stadium.
The current tram main route is Line 4, which runs north-south along one of the most important urban road axis (Corso Giulio Cesare-Corso Unione Sovietica), passing through the city centre. In 2001 the southern part of this line has been extended from piazzale Caio Mario to Strada del Drosso (Mirafiori sud); other northern extensions were completed in 2003 (from Piazza Derna to Piazzale Autostrade/strada delle Cascinette) and 2006 (from Cascinette to Falchera/via delle Querce). This last extension partly runs in tunnel underneath Milan-Turin railway, with an important underground stop at Stura railway station (close to an interchange parking facility).
An heritage tram line (Line 7) was opened in 2011, along the circular route Piazza Castello-Duomo-Piazza Castello.
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datesection nameline
1871first tram line--
1897electrification completed--
1949max network extension: 26 lines--
1966routes closure--
1987Le Vallette-Largo TortonaLine 3
1989Largo Tortona-HermadaLine 3
1990Torino Esposizioni-StampaliaLine 9
2001Caio Mario-Strada del Drosso--
2003Pizza Derna-Piazzale Autostrade Cascinette--
2006Piazzale Autostrade Cascinette-Falchera via delle Querce--
28-03-2011Piazza Castello circle line/heritage tramLine 7
2013-2016Line 13 temporally replaced by buses--
09-12-2013Line 3 cut back from Hermada to Osp. Gradenigo--
07-01-2016Line 13 restored between Campanella and Gran Madre--
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Single line length (Km)
Single line stops
Single line avg. distance (km)
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
steel wheels
600 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge
1445 mm gauge rails
Vehicles builder
serie 2800,serie 5000,serie 6000 (Cityway)
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