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Naples tram network opened at the end of XIX century (1876: initial horse tram); a steam tram service was introduced in 1883, electrification was completed in 1906. The tram network was constantly reduced starting from years '50s, with the closure of many sections and routes; in 1954 the total network lenght was 36 km, in 1970 it was 22 km and in 1999 it was just 14 km.
Starting from the end of years '90s, the local transport masterplans (1997: "Piano Comunale dei trasporti"; 2003: "Piano delle 100 Stazioni") planned to invert this trend, with the goal to renew and upgrade the tram system. Some sections of the network reopened in 1991 (Piazzale Tecchio-Bagnoli Dazio and Corso Garibaldi-Poggioreale), in 1993 and 1994 (cimitero di Poggioreale-San Giovanni a Teduccio/depot). A modern low-floor rolling stock was introduced in 2004. Emiciclo-Piazza Nazionale section was fully modernized in 2009 and a new extension opened in 2013 (Emiciclo Poggioreale-Via Stadera).
The current tram routes interchange with metro Line 1 at Piazza Garibaldi and with Circumvesuviana suburban railway at Porta Nolana.
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
datesection nameline
1876initial horse tram opening--
1883steam tram introduction--
1906electrification completed--
1929network unigfied and operated by a single major enterprise--
1952route closures--
1954route closures--
1960route closures--
1964route closures--
1991Piazzale Tecchio-Bagnoli Dazio and Corso Garibaldi-Poggioreale Line 1 sections reopened--
1993further Line 1 intermediate section reopened--
1994cimitero di Poggioreale-San Giovanni a Teduccio/depot section reopened--
1998Tecchio-Bagnoli section closed--
2000piazza Vittoria-piazzale Tecchio section closed--
2004new Sirio tramcars introduction--
2009Emiciclo-piazza Nazionale section fully modernized--
16-03-2013Emiciclo Poggioreale-Via Stadera--
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
Single line length (Km)
Single line stops
Single line avg. distance (km)
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
steel wheels
750 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge
1445 mm gauge rails
Vehicles builder
CT139K (Peter Witt),Sirio
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
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