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Manchester tram opened in 1877 (initial horse tram) and it was electrified in 1903. The original tram network was closed in 1966.
The first routes (Altrincham/Bury route) of a modern LRT system (Metrolink) opened in 1992: the Altrincham-Bury route (north-south) is constituted by "Altrincham Line" (from Manchester G-Mex to Altrincham, running partly in viaduct and partly over an elder railway alignement), "Delta Junction" (new urban tram track in the city centre, running from G-Mex to Victoria and Piccadilly; this section connects the external segments - which runs over the elder railway alignement - to the city centre) and "Bury Line" (Victoria-Bury, again over former railway tracks). Metrolink was extended in 1999-2000 (Cornbrook-Broadway, Broadway-Eccles), 2010 (MediaCityUK branch; it serves BBC and exhibition/cultural centers), 2011 (Trafford Bar-St. Werburgh's Road), 2012 (Victoria-Oldham Mumps, by the renewal and reuse of the former Rochdale railway alignement; Oldham Mumps-Shaw & Crompton), 2013 (Piccadilly-Droylsden; Shaw & Crompton-Rochdale Railway Station; St Werburgh's Road-East Didsbury; Droylsden-Ashton under Lyne), 2014 (Freehold-Oldham Mumps-Derker; Rochdale Railway Station-Rochdale Town Centre; St Werburgh's Road-Manchester Airport) and 2017 (Exchange Square-St Peter's Square).
The current Metrolink network is articulated in Airport Line (on and off-street), Altrincham Line (over converted railway track), Bury Line (over a converted railway track), City Zone (on and off-street), East Manchester Line (on and off-street), Eccles Line (on and off-street), MediaCityUK spur (off-street), Oldham and Rochdale Line (over a converted railway track), South Manchester Line (over a converted railway bed) and Trafford Park Line.
(last modified June 25, 2018 )
datesection nameline
1877initial horse tram opening--
1903electrification completed--
1966original tram network closure--
27-04-1992Victoria-G Mex--
15-06-1992G Mex-Altrincham--
20-07-1992Market St./Mosley St.-Piccadilly--
31-03-2003Shudehill stop--
20-09-2010diramazione per MediaCityUK--
18-04-2011Abraham Moss stop--
07-07-2011Trafford Bar-St. Werburgh's Road--
13-06-2012Victoria-Oldham Mumps--
16-12-2012Oldham Mumps-Shaw & Crompton--
11-02-2013Piccadilly -Droylsden--
28-02-2013Shaw & Crompton-Rochdale Railway Station--
23-05-2013St Werburgh's Road-East Didsbury--
09-10-2013Droylsden-Ashton under Lyne--
16-12-2013Queens Road stop replaced Woodlands Road--
27-01-2014Freehold-Oldham Mumps-Derker: Note: Oldham town centre route replacing previous direct route--
31-03-2014Rochdale Railway Station-Rochdale Town Centre--
03-11-2014St Werburgh's Road-Manchester Airport--
26-02-2017Exchange Square-St Peter's Square--
(last modified June 25, 2018 )
Single line length (Km)
Airport Line:23.2
Altrincham Line:12.2
Bury Line:15.9
East Manchester Line:9.7
Eccles Line:6.4
Media City UK spur:0.3
Oldham and Rochdale Line:23.8
South Manchester Line:7.1
Trafford Park Line:5.5
Single line stops
Airport Line:15
Altrincham Line:10
Bury Line:10
East Manchester Line:11
Eccles Line:11
Media City UK spur:2
Oldham and Rochdale Line:19
South Manchester Line:8
Trafford Park Line:6
Single line avg. distance (km)
Airport Line:1.65
Altrincham Line:1.35
Bury Line:1.75
East Manchester Line:1.0
Eccles Line:0.7
Media City UK spur:0.3
Oldham and Rochdale Line:1.3
South Manchester Line:1.0
Trafford Park Line:1.1
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
steel wheels
750 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge
standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Vehicles builder
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lrt-tram - manchester; By Maximilian Dorrbecker (Chumwa) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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