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The original Montpellier tram network opened in 1880 (initial horse tram); electrification took place in 1899. Tram service was finally closed after world war II (1947).
The construction of a modern tram network began at the end of years 90s. Montpellier opened its new tram line (Line 1) on 30-06-2000; Line 1 route starts in the western suburb of La Paillade running south-east to the depot area close to De la Mosson Stadium, passing through important business and residential areas (Antigone, Port-Marianne and Millenaire). Line 1 connects some of the most important urban areas: among those, De la Mosson Stadium, the university, the hospital, the railway station (Gares stop), Place de la Comedie and Millenarie complex. This first line was extended towards Odysseum shopping center on September 2009.
Line 2 opened on 16 December 2006, with a south-west/north-east track through the city center. Line 1 and 2 share a short section (Gare-Choru, 3 stops).
Line 3 opened on April 2012, running from Juvignac to Lattes, with an intermediate branch towards Perols. Line 3 interchanges with Line 1 at Mosson and Gare stops, with Line 2 at Gare stop; it shares a short section with Line 1 (Rives du Lez-Port Marianne, 3 stops).
The first section of Line 4 (Saint Denis - Place Albert Ier) opened on April 2009; its route was closed into a circle in 2016 with the completion of Louis Blanc-Saint Denis section. Line 4 connects each other Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3, running partly along new tracks and partly along existing sections of the first 3 lines.
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
datesection nameline
1880initial horse tram opening--
1899electrification completed--
1949tram network closure--
30-06-2000Mosson-Place de FranceLine 1
11-10-2003Millenaire stopLine 1
18-11-2003Malbosc stopLine 1
18-11-2003Place de France-OdysseumLine 1
16-12-2006Saint Jean de Vedas-JacouLine 2
17-04-2007Victoire 2 stopLine 2
07-04-2012Juvignac-Lattes/PerolsLine 3
07-04-2012Saint Denis-Albert 1erLine 4
02-07-2016Louis Blanc-Saint-DenisLine 4
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
Single line length (Km)
Line 1:15.7
Line 2:17.5
Line 3:23
Line 4:9.2
Single line stops
Line 1:30
Line 2:28
Line 3:27
Line 4:18
Single line avg. distance (km)
Line 1:0.55
Line 2:0.65
Line 3:1.0
Line 4:0.55
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
steel wheels
750 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge
standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Vehicles builder
Line 1:Citadis 401,Citadis 402
Line 2:Citadis 302,Citadis 402
Line 3:Citadis 402
Line 4:Citadis 302
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
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