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Nantes bases its economy mainly on its important harbour and on many trades (expecially wood commerce). Its first tram line opened in 1879 and it was totally electrified in 1917. The original tram network was closed in 1958, to be replaced by ordinary bus services.
The oil crisis in the years '70s and the rising traffic congestion convinced the administrators to restore an efficient guided public transport (tram). The first line (Line 1) of a modern tram network opened in 1985 (Bellevue-Haluchere); Line 1 was exended in 1989, 2000, 2007 and 2012. Line 1 currently runs from Francois Mitterand (west) to Beaujoire/Ranzay (north-east).
The second modern tram line (Line 2) opened in 1992 (Trocardiere-Commerce) and it was extended in 1993-1994, 2005 and 2007. Line 2 currently runs from Orvaul Grand Val (north) to Gare de Pont Rousseau (south); Line 2 interchange with Line 1 at Commerce and it shares part of its track (Commerce-Pont Rousseau) with Line 3.
The first section of the current Line 3 opened in 2000 (Plaisance-Commerce) and it was extended in 2004, 2007 (Line 2/Line 3 common section, see above) and 2009; it currently runs from Neustrie (south) to Marcel Paul (north-west). Line 3 (as well as Line 2), interchanges with Line 1 at Commerce.
This tram network was one of the first in Europe to introduce interesting features, such as the adoption of grass-tracks and low floor rolling stock.
The whole transit system has been completed on November 2006 by a modern bus line in reserved lanes (Line 4/BusWay) which runs from Porte de Vertou to Place Foch. BusWay interchanges both with tram (Line 1, at Duchesse Anne Chateau) and with other standard bus routes; four relevant park & ride facilities are located along the track.
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datesection nameline
1879initial horse tram opening--
1917electrification completed--
1958tram network closure--
07-01-1985Bellevue-HaluchereLine 1
22-04-1989Haluchere-BeaujoireLine 1
17-04-2000Croix Bonneau-Mendes France BellevueLine 1
28-08-2000Mendes France-Francois MitterandLine 1
03-09-2007Croix Bonneau-JametLine 1
01-10-2012Haluchere stop replaced by Haluchere Batignolles multimodal interchange stop;Haluchere Batignolles-RanzayLine 1
08-09-1992Trocardiere-Pirmil-CommerceLine 2
18-10-1992Commerce-50 OtagesLine 2
06-09-199350 Otages-Ecole CentraleLine 2
14-03-1994Ecole Centrale-BourgeonniereLine 2
29-08-1994Bourgeonniere-Orvault Grand ValLine 2
29-08-2005Trocardiere-NeustrieLine 2
03-09-2007Pirmil-Gare de Pont Rousseau;Pont Rousseau-Neustrie section annexed to Line 3Line 2
28-08-2000Plaisance-CommerceLine 3
05-04-2004Plaisance-Sillon de BretagneLine 3
03-09-2007Hotel Dieu-NeustrieLine 3
05-01-2009Sillon de Bretagne-Marcel PaulLine 3
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Single line length (Km)
Line 1:18.4
Line 2:11.7
Line 3:14.1
Single line stops
Line 1:34
Line 2:25
Line 3:32
Single line avg. distance (km)
Line 1:0.55
Line 2:0.5
Line 3:0.45
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
steel wheels
750 V overhead
Type of guide/gauge
standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Vehicles builder
Tramway franCais standard (TFS),Incentro,Urbos 3
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
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