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Paris METRO (photo N.1/9 [KB 74] 800 x 600pixels)

By Greenski (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Paris metro opened in 1900. The whole metro system is currently articulated in 14 lines; Line 1 and Line 14 ("Meteor") are fully automated (driverless metro). Metro service is operated by steel-wheel ("MF" for materiel fer) and rubber-tyred trains ("MP", materiel pneu).
Line 1 opened in 1900; its last extension was completed in 1992. It has been fully automated in 2012; it's operated by rubber-tyres trains.
Line 2 opened in 1900 and it was extended in 1902-1904; it's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 3 opened in 1904 and it was extended in 1905; it's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 4 opened in 1908; it's operated by rubber-tyres trains.
Line 5 opened in 1907 and it was extended in 1908; it's operated by rubber-tyres trains.
The first section of Line 6 (Etoile-Trocadero) opened in 1900 and it was extended in 1903, 1906, 1909; it's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 7 opened in 1910; its latest extension was completed in 1992. It's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 8 opened in 1913; its latest extension was completed in 2011. It's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 9 opened in 1922 and it was extended in 1923, 1928, 1933, 1934 and 1937. It's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 10 opened in 1923; its latest extension was completed in 1981. It's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 11 opened in 1935 and it was extended in 1937. It's operated by rubber-tyres trains.
Line 12 opened in 1910; its latest extension was completed in 2012. It's operated by steel-wheels trains.
Line 13 opened in 1911; its latest extension was completed in 2008. It's operated by steel-wheels trains.
The driverless metro Line 14 ("Meteor") opened in 1998 and it's operated by rubber-tyres trains; its track is totally underground. It was extended in 2003 (Madeleine-Saint Lazare) and 2007 (Bibliotheque F. Mitterrand-Olympiades). Line 14 has a crucial role to enlight the passengers charge on Line 1 and Line A in the central part of the network. Line 14 track starts at Olympiades (since 2007, with the opening of Bibliotheque F. Mitterand-Olympiades extension) in the southern part of the town, runs parallel to Line 1 and Line A from Gare de Lyon to Chatelet-les Halles, then it reaches St. Lazare terminal.
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datesection nameline
19-07-1900Porte de Vincennes-Porte MaillotDriverless Metro: Line 1
24-03-1934Porte de Vincennes-Chateau de VincennesDriverless Metro: Line 1
29-04-1937Porte Maillot-Pont de NeuillyDriverless Metro: Line 1
1963rails were converted in order to accommodate rubber-tyred trainsDriverless Metro: Line 1
01-04-1992Pont de Neuilly-La DefenseDriverless Metro: Line 1
2011full automationDriverless Metro: Line 1
13-12-1900Porte Dauphine-EtoileLine 2
07-10-1902Etoile-AnversLine 2
31-01-1903Anvers-BagnoletLine 2
02-04-1903Bagnolet-NationLine 2
19041010Pere Lachaise-VilliersLine 3
25-01-1905Pere Lachaise-GambettaLine 3
23-05-1910Villiers-PereireLine 3
15-02-1911Pereire-Porte de ChamperretLine 3
27-11-1921Gambetta-Porte des LilasLine 3
24-09-1937Porte de Champerret-Pont de LevalloisLine 3
02-04-1971Gambetta-GallieniLine 3
27-03-1971Gambetta-Porte des Lilas as Line 3bis indipendent lineLine 3bis
21-04-1908Porte de Clignancourt-ChateletLine 4
30-10-1909Porte d'Orleans-RaspailLine 4
09-01-1910Chatelet-RaspailLine 4
1967rails were converted in order to accommodate rubber-tyred trainsLine 4
23-03-2013Porte d'Orleans-Mairie de MontrougeLine 4
06-06-1906Place d'Italie-Gare d'Orléans/Gare d'AusterlitzLine 5
17-12-1906Gare d'Orléans-Lancry/Jacques BonsergentLine 5
14-10-1907section Etoile-Place d'Italie was incorporatedLine 5
15-11-1907Lancry-Gare du NordLine 5
1942Etoile-Place d'Italie transferred to line 6;Gare du Nord-Eglise de PantinLine 5
25-04-1985Eglise de Pantin-Bobigny Pablo PicassoLine 5
02-10-1900Etoile-TrocaderoLine 6
06-11-1903Trocadero-PassyLine 6
24-04-1906Passy-Place d'ItalieLine 6
14-10-1907Etoile-Place d'Italie incorporated into line 5Line 6
01-03-1909Place d'Italie-NationLine 6
12-10-1942Etoile-Place d'Italie transferred from line 5 to the line 6Line 6
1974rails were converted in order to accommodate rubber-tyred trainsLine 6
05-11-1910Opera-Porte de la VilletteLine 7
18-01-1911Louis Blanc-Pre Saint GervaisLine 7
01-07-1916Opera-Palais RoyalLine 7
16-04-1926Palais Royal-Pont MarieLine 7
1930Place Monge-Place d'Italie;Pont Marie-Pont de Sully;Place d'Italie-Porte de ChoisyLine 7
26-04-1931Pont de Sully-Place Monge; Porte de Choisy-Porte d'IvryLine 7
01-05-1946Porte d'Ivry-Mairie d'IvryLine 7
1967branch Louis Blanc-Pre Saint Gervais became independent as Line 7bisLine 7
04-10-1979Porte de la Villette-Fort d'AubervilliersLine 7
11-12-1982Maison Blanche-Le Kremlin BicetreLine 7
28-02-1985Le Kremlin Bicetre-Villejuif Louis AragonLine 7
06-05-1987Fort d'Aubervilliers-La Courneuve/8 mai 1945Line 7
13-07-1913Beaugrenelle-OperaLine 8
30-09-1913Beaugrenelle-Porte d'AuteuilLine 8
30-06-1928Opera-Richelieu DrouotLine 8
05-05-1931Richelieu Drouot-Porte de CharentonLine 8
27-07-1937La Motte Picquet-Porte d'Auteuil section transferred to line 10; La Motte Picquet-BalardLine 8
05-10-1942Porte de Charenton-Charenton EcolesLine 8
19-09-1970Charenton Ecoles-Maisons Alfort/StadeLine 8
27-04-1972Maisons Alfort/Stade-Maisons Alfort/Les JuillottesLine 8
24-09-1973Maisons Alfort/Les Julliottes-Creteil l'EchatLine 8
09-07-1974Creteil l'Echat-Creteil PrefectureLine 8
08-10-2011Creteil Prefecture-Pointe du LacLine 8
08-11-1922Exelmans-Chaussee d'AntinLine 9
29-09-1923Exelmans-Porte de St-CloudLine 9
30-06-1928Chaussee d'Antin-Richelieu DrouotLine 9
10-12-1933Richelieu Drouot-Porte de MontreuilLine 9
03-02-1934Porte de St.Cloud-Pont de SevresLine 9
14-10-1937Porte de Montreuil-Mairie de MontreuilLine 9
30-12-1923Invalides-Croix Rouge; today mostly served by Line 13Line 10
11-03-1925Croix Rouge-MabillonLine 10
14-02-1926Mabillon-OdeonLine 10
1930Odeon-Place d'Italie-Porte de ChoisyLine 10
26-04-1931Place Monge-Porte de Choisy section transferred to line 7; Maubert Mutualite-JussieuLine 10
1937Duroc-Invalides transferred to Line 13; Duroc-La Motte Picquet; La Motte Picquet-Porte d'Auteuil transferred from line 8 to line 10Line 10
1939Jussieu-Gare d'Orleans/AusterlitzLine 10
03-10-1980Porte d'Auteuil-Boulogne/Jean JauresLine 10
02-10-1981Boulogne/Jean Jaures-Pont de Saint CloudLine 10
28-04-1935Chatelet-Porte des LilasLine 11
17-02-1937Porte des Lilas-Mairie des LilasLine 11
08-11-1956rails were converted in order to accommodate rubber-tyred trainsLine 11
05-11-1910Porte de Versailles-Notre Dame de LoretteLine 12
08-04-1911Notre Dame de Lorette-PigalleLine 12
31-10-1912Pigalle-Jules JoffrinLine 12
23-08-1916Jules Joffrin-Porte de la ChapelleLine 12
24-03-1934Porte de Versailles-Mairie d'IssyLine 12
18-12-2012Porte de la Chapelle-Aubervilliers/Saint-Denis/Front PopulaireLine 12
26-02-1911Saint Lazare-Porte de Saint OuenLine 13
20-01-1912La Fourche-Porte de ClichyLine 13
1937Bienvenue-Porte de Vanves;Bienvenue-Duroc; Duroc-Invalides transferred from Line 10 to Line 13Line 13
30-06-1952Porte de Saint Ouen-Carrefour PleyelLine 13
27-06-1973Saint Lazare-MiromesnilLine 13
18-02-1975Miromesnil-Champs Elysees/ClemenceauLine 13
1976Carrefour Pleyel-Saint Denis/Basilique; Champs Elysees-Invalides;Porte de Vanves-Chatillon/MontrougeLine 13
09-05-1980Porte de Clichy-Gabriel PeriLine 13
25-05-1998Saint Denis/Basilique-Saint Denis/UniversiteLine 13
14-06-2008Gabriel Peri-Les CourtillesLine 13
15-10-1998Madeleine-Bibliotheque F. MitterrandDriverless Metro: Line 14
16-12-2003Madeleine-Saint LazareDriverless Metro: Line 14
26-06-2007Bibliotheque F. Mitterrand-OlympiadesDriverless Metro: Line 14
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Single line length (Km)
Line 1:16.6
Line 2:12.3
Line 3:11.7
Line 3bis:1.3
Line 4:12.1
Line 5:14.6
Line 6:13.6
Line 7:22.4
Line 8:23.4
Line 9:19.6
Line 10:11.7
Line 11:6.3
Line 12:13.9
Line 13:24.3
Line 14:9
Single line stops
Line 1:25
Line 2:25
Line 3:25
Line 3 bis:4
Line 4:27
Line 5:22
Line 6:28
Line 7:38
Line 8:38
Line 9:33
Line 10:23
Line 11:13
Line 12:29
Line 13:32
Line 14:9
Single line avg. distance (km)
Line 1:0.7
Line 2:0.5
Line 3:0.5
Line 3 bis:0.4
Line 4:0.5
Line 5:0.7
Line 6:0.5
Line 7:0.6
Line 8:0.65
Line 9:0.6
Line 10:0.5
Line 11:0.5
Line 12:0.5
Line 13:0.8
Line 14: 1.1
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
Line 2,Line 3,Line 3bis,Line 6,Line 7,Line 8,Line 9,Line 10,Line 12,Line 13:steel wheels
Line 1,Line 4,Line 5,Line 11,Line14:rubber tyres
750 V DC from third rail
standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Vehicles builder
Line 1, Line 6, Line 11:ALSTOM
Line 3,Line 3bis,Line 9,Line 10,Line 12:BRISSONEAU/LOTZ/CIMT
Line 1:MP05
Line 2,Line 5: Metropolis (MF01)
Line 3,Line 3bis,Line 9,Line 10, Line 12:MF67
Line 4:MP89CC
Line 6,Line 11:MP73
Line 7,Line 8,Line 13:MF77
Line 14:MP89 (rolling stock)
Operator: RATP

(DLM = Driverless Metro)
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
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metro - paris; By Rigil (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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