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Bologna gained from government the total project approval (on July 2005) and a partial financing (Fiera Michelino-Stazione FS section & Stazione FS-Ospedale Maggiore bored tunnel) for Metrotranvia Line 1 (LRT system). The 12 km track runs from Fiera Michelino (exhibition area) to Borgo Panigale, passing through the railway station (Stazione FS stop), the city center ( Maggiore stop) and Maggiore Hospital; Fiera Michelino-Stazione FS-Ospedale Maggiore section is almost totally underground (7 km), the rest of the route is ground level along the ancient Via Emilia (mostly in reserved lanes). The modern low floor rolling stock will run with 2' headway peak in the underground section, elsewhere with 4'-6' maximum frequency. The ground level section works should include an alternative new road axis, in order to reduce the actual cars traffic along Via Emilia. Stazione FS (railway station) is yet the most important transport interchange point in Bologna; this role had to be be strenghten by metrotranvia Line 1 and by the planned people-mover connecting the station with Marconi Airport.
NOTE: metrotravia project has been abandoned after 2011 local elections

Bologna Municipality assigned on April 2009 a project financing for an automated monorail connecting Marconi Airport to the railway station. It it consists in a 5 km single track route mostly on viaduct (except a short underground segment below Bologna-Venice railway line and a ground level terminal section at Bologna central railway station), with an intermediate bypass (double track) at Lazzaretto stop close to the new Engeneering University Faculty.

Bologna transport network had to be completed by a third strong infrastructure, the so-called TPGV (Trasporto Pubblico a Guida Vincolata, 19 km track); it's a tram-on-tyres line (Irisbus Civis technology) which should connect the city center to S. Lazzaro di Savena, mostly running along via Emilia East.
NOTE: TPGV project (in advanced construction phase) has been suspended after 2011 local elections

Mobilità Urbana (official site)

description uptaded on Mar 5th, 2012

map created on Jan 29th, 2011 (© 2005-2015 Ing. M. Tarozzi)

LinePeople Mover
InhabitantsCity 380.000, District 910.000
Date opening2013
Future development:--
Length (km)5.0
Track sectionsin segregated lane mostly on viaduct, with a short underground section and a ground level section at railway station
Stops3, average distance m 2500
Platform doorsyes
General characteristicslength ~ 35 m, width ~ 6 m
n. of vehicles3
n. of cars per vehicle2/4
Typerubber tyres bi-directional
Vehicle dimensions (m)length 16.9 m, width 2.30 m
Vehicle capacity (pax)50 (single configuration)
Frequency 7.5'/15'
Current/Voltage750 V DC (third rail)
Type of guide/gaugesteel box monorail
Speed Km/hComm 40, Max 70
Accel./Decel. (m/sec2)--
System capacity400/570 pphpd
Ridership2 millions pax/year
Total cost20 M Euro/km
System builderINTAMIN
technical data uptaded on Jan 29th, 2011